CM12.1/CM12.1.1 ROM for Xiaomi Mi2 (aries)

Discontinued - too old blobs for next Android versions :(


I'm doing my best to make this ROM the best but something bad can always happen when you are messing with device.
I'm not responsible for bricked devices and anything that happens after loading this ROM on your phone. Use it on your own risk!

ROM Changelog (scroll for more):

- CM base updated to latest

20161029 - Final
- CM base updated to latest
- Improved: COW washed ;)
- Improved: stability fixes for camera

20160917 - Public RC11 (X4nfire thanks for tests)
- CM base updated to latest
- Added: New thermal driver by Faux123 (much less hot device. Like excessive games? - change default temp limit)
- Added: New Hotplug driver by Fluxi
- Added: Support separate encryption/lockscreen passwords by Daniel Micay
- Improved: updated RIL blobs to lastest
- Improved: L2 bus speed
- Improved: Kernel optimizations
- Improved: ARM crypto Neon AES Updated
- Improved: Change default CPU governor

20160822 - Public RC10.2
- Improved: Bring back previous thermal driver
- Fixed: unexpected device hangs/reboots after long device run
- Improved: memory management, cpu scheduling
... and many more minor changes.

20160815 - Public RC10.1
- CM base updated to latest
- (testing) Added: Simplified thermal driver by franciscofranco (be careful if device is too hot, stop using it! It may damage your device)
- Added: QC latest fixes for Quadrooter
- Fixed: Troubles with video playback
- Fixed: Chronometer jumping back and forth
- Fixed: some kernel memory leaks and race conditions
- Improved: f2fs driver
- Improved: memory management, cpu scheduling
... and many more minor changes.

20160703 - Public RC9 - Beta
- CM base updated to latest
- Fixed: Device encryption
- Fixed: Thermal issues
- Improved: Bring back device power-on by alarm
- (testing) Improved: WLAN driver backported from mako
- Removed: OpenCamera
- Improved: Video codecs
... and many more minor changes.

20160601 - Public RC8p2 - Beta
- CM base updated to latest
- Fixed: random reboots
- Fixed: set BLX limit over default value

20160528 - Public RC8 - Beta
- CM base updated to latest
- Improved: OpenCamera 1.29
- Improved: Charging animation
- Improved: SELinux policy updated (BT)
- Improved: memory management

20160507 - Public RC7 !! SUSPENDED !!
- CM base updated to latest
- Added(testing): Fake signatures -, (Disabled by default)
- Improved: storage issues
- Improved: memory management
- Improved: F2FS updated
- Improved: TCP stack tuning
- Improved: OS security
- Improved: overall performace
- Fixed: BLX limiter
... and huge amount of other upstream changes.

20160407 - Public RC6
- CM base updated to latest
- Added: built-in camera apps: MIUICamera ported by M1cha, OpenCamera by Mark Harman
- Added(testing): Network traffic (Settings -> Status bar -> Network traffic)
- Added: CM chargeonly mode
- Improved: Camera HAL driver
- Improved(testing): WLAN (can't reproduce problem)
- Improved: SELinux mdm policy
- Fixed: kernel: msm buffer issues
- Fixed: kernel: video tuned heaps sizes
- Fixed: kernel: low memory, mm, vmscan, memcg
- Fixed: kernel: camera driver

20160301 - Public RC5
- CM base updated
- Fixed: charging problems
- Fixed: camera green line in 2MP resolution
- Improved: kernel - updates to qcom, msm devices
- Improved: WLAN driver
- Improved: Camera driver
- Improved: device tuning

20160213 - Public RC4
- CM base updated
- Fixed: fragile camera - massive amount of improvements for camera
- Added: aries: cpu/gpu voltage custom regulations
- Added: iosched: BFQ
- Added: cpugov: conservative, intelliactive
- Added: BLX
- Added: F2FS support (/data, /cache)
- Improved: device startup performance
- Improved: device parameters tunning
- Improved: faster screen startup
- Improved: solves too frequent Android memory reclaim
- Fixed: WLAN - notification delays
- Fixed: powersave profile hickups
... and many many others like tourch, etc...

20160109 - Public RC3
- CM base updated
- Added: [#21] support for new partition layout (MIUI >= 5.11.19)
- Added: [#14] Stk package
- Added: CM/Gapps backup tools
- Added: Alarm: wake-up phone if necessary
- Added: Support all available locale
- Improved: kernel: updated
- Improved: [#25] kernel: msm timeouts tunned
- Improved: [#27] mdm: wait for modem
- Fixed: [#19] Youtube app lags (needs testing)
- Fixed: [#26] WIFI sometimes not turn on (needs testing)

20151224 - Public RC2
- CM base updated
- Added [#15] LED userspace controlled
- Fixed [#16] RTC permission
- Improved [#17] SELinux set to enforcing, SEPolicies updates
- Improved [#12] BT: optimization
- Improved [#18] device tree rewritten

20151213 - Public RC1
 - CM base updated to 2015.11.25
 - 34+ fixes allocated to problems with phone freezes
 - 38 stability fixes
 - device drivers updated
 - wlan: drivers more efficient and stable
 - wlan: Address buffer overflow by Mahesh A Saptasagar
 - bt: fixed - sometime doesn't want to start
 - CPUgov, IOsched: updated, tunned 
 - CPUgov: added bfq
 - PM: a lot more sleepy device, tuning
 - LANG: default to en
 - LANG: new locale zh_TW
 - double tap - removed
 - Gapps: Fix resized partition recovery (reported by Kappa, Gabor)
 - Gapps: Fix insufficient space - pico only
 - stagefright vulnerability CVE-2015-3876 fixed
 - SEPolicies: update
 - battery: fixed source detection
 - battery: changes to make system more friendly to battery (temp. ctrl, perc., prev. overheat)
 - camera: fixes and stabillity changes
 - camera: rewritten handlers and wrappers
 - imx135: updates
 - proximity: disabled by default
 - soc: subsys changes
 - more meanful debugger
 - new: init.d
 - new: AMR enabled
 - music: fix occasional stops (reported by 嘉佳韦, acastrocab)
 - Soundrecorder: fixed limited recording time
 - Bootanimation: return to lollipop
 - lot more other minor fixes and changes
20151008 - Alpha 1: 
 - CM base updated to latest
 - BT: fixed stability issues
 - USSD: first attempt to solve "chinese response"
 - uevent: fixed permissions 
 - Power: restored default
 - Locale: added CN
 - Cherry: A6 Boot anim

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ROM (new partition layout: merged system and data): CM-12.1 Final by BuGi (293 MB)
md5: 283c84332e18636b2c63fb48148a15aa
sha256: 05940f42c04f96152aa6e819b789ddfd17dffded7f3021e32f7349edf51a5f33

ROM (old partition layout MIUI: merged data): CM-12.1 RC2 by BuGi (237 MB)
md5: 0b14223d57d3de196fed103b18f74078
sha1: 9fc54df7754b187c0cf55f2ae8633cc9b9bfc7c0

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Cyanogenmod: Latest source code
Kernel: Latest source code

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